About Us

  • Garbo was created by stylist Anett Gabriel who had a desire to pay tribute to working class women and their sacrifices during the westernization of Hungary.
  • Originally designed as utility footwear, used by nurses and waitresses during the socialist era. Garbo is a brand that reclaims and reimagines utilitarian wear for the independent woman. Anett is pleased to be producing the line with its original manufacturer in Hungary. She is proud to be making her debut, launching the first styles in selected countries.
  • With No Fashion Schedule Agenda, Anett also collaborates with unique designers on one of a kind Limited Edition pieces.
  • The name Garbo translates to mean ‘turtleneck’ and happens to be Anett’s favorite Hungarian word.
  • Garbo uses sustainable and vegan material and is made in Hungary.
  • Each product is carefully made, in limited runs and supports fair wages and working conditions.
  • Anett Gabriel is the lead stylist and founder of Garbo. Her love and passion for design has been a life long journey. She is a graduate of the Art Academy of Arnhem, Netherlands. Her expertise as a stylist has developed through the years, working as both a buyer and image consultant for high profile clients, designers and fashion boutiques.